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Home Inspections in Clarksville, Tennessee

At House Call Home Inspection, home inspections should be positive and educational for both the buyer and the seller. We’ve served Clarksville and the surrounding areas since 2017. If you’re ready to embark on a new adventure, call (615) 682-2387 or get an instant quote online.

Buyer Home Inspections in Clarksville TN

Buyer Home Inspections

Pre-listing Inspections in Clarksville TN

Pre-listing Inspections

New Construction Inspections in Clarksville TN

New Construction Inspections

Commercial Inspections in Clarksville TN

Commercial Inspections

Specialty Inspections in Clarksville TN


Pest Control Inspections in Clarksville TN

Pest Control Inspections

Quality Pre-Listing Home Inspections

We recommend home inspections to buyers and sellers alike. House Call will gladly perform buyer, new construction, commercial property, and pre-listing home inspections. We’ll analyze every detail and tell you how to address the problems we discover because we know how much it matters.

Check out our inspection services and see just how thorough we are. Not only will our inspectors examine every square inch of the home, but they’ll also take time to discuss concerns with you. That’s why we provide packages to suit every customer’s needs.

Commercial Property Inspections in Clarksville TN

Pest Treatment Services

A home could have termites, and you wouldn’t even know it. Wood-destroying insects pose a significant danger to houses by eating through the structure and causing extensive – and expensive – damage. Prevention is the best way to combat carpenter ants, termites, and more.

WDO WDI Inspections in Clarksville TN

WDO Inspections

Termite Treatments in Clarksville TN

Termite Treatments

Pest Treatments in Clarksville TN

Pest Treatments

Resources for Agents

It takes work and resources to succeed in real estate. The agent resources from House Call help agents do their best work. With continuing education courses, up-to-date inspection technology, and reporting software with easy-to-read sample reports, it’s nice to have a friend in the inspection business.

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House Call Home Inspection in Nashville TN
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Meet our team and learn more about why you should choose us for your next inspection.


Mark etanuMark etanu

He went through the inspection very thoroughly and made sure to leave no stone unturned. When we wanted to get in touch with him, he was available for a call. He explained everything he went through in layman's terms so we could understand it. The report listed most things in a way that was easy to see and understand what was going on before contacting him for further elaboration on the most concerning aspects

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Joshua RutledgeJoshua Rutledge

We had House Call Home Inspection do our latest home inspection. They were very thorough and when they were finished with the inspection our inspector took time to give us a verbal summary with pictures of what he found. They were very helpful in making sure we understood every item on our inspection.

We are very satisfied and will absolutely use them again in the future.

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John DuMouchelJohn DuMouchel

Bryan is professional and he pays attention to details that matter to a home buyer. He communicates effectively and is able to translate the technical findings into a report that is easily understandable and very thorough, including quality photos with an explanation for each. I opted not to meet in person and Bryan called me after his inspection to review all the findings. The services provided by Bryan exceeded my expectations! Thank you very much.

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Shawn KrankShawn Krank

Great company to work with. Very easy and convenient. My wife accidently over paid them by $200 and didn't realize it until the company called and told us. The gentleman was kind enough to take the money to our bank and deposit it back into our account. Not many honest people out there that would show that kind of kindness.

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Our home inspection services are the most thorough, professional inspections in the area. Trust House Call Home Inspection to ensure you know just what you’re getting into before you sign the dotted line. We serve Clarksville, Tennessee, and the surrounding areas, including parts of southern Kentucky, Nashville, Murfreesboro, Franklin, and Hendersonville. Call (615) 682-2387 or get an instant quote online today.

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